Is Solar Power Sustainable?

September 20, 2022

Solar is Sustainable

Solar is the key to clean, efficient, and infinite energy to power our world. We are constantly looking for new and improved ways of powering our homes and this is the answer. Our society sees traditional energy as the norm, but now it is time to shift the narrative to protecting our environment, and saving money is a plus! Renewability, low maintenance costs, and independence from the power company are all major benefits of shifting to sustainable solar energy.

Renewable Energy

A renewable and sustainable resource is vital when powering your home, no one has to go mine for solar, it isn’t going anywhere. As opposed to finite resources used by power companies, solar is infinite, uses much fewer materials, and produces zero pollution. The sun is a free, clean, and consistent source of energy that has been producing energy for billions of years. Renewable energy helps with energy security, ensuring our energy is bountiful while reducing the risk of fuel spills and other hazards.

“The sun provides more than enough energy to meet the world’s energy needs, and unlike fossil fuels, it won’t run out anytime soon. As a renewable energy source, the only limitation of solar power is our ability to turn it into electricity in an efficient and cost-effective way.”

Fortum, For a cleaner world

A huge benefit to our home" - Everlight Solar Customer Testimonial - YouTube

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Low Maintenance

Solar panels as a whole have lowered expected maintenance when compared to other forms of energy. In general, solar panels require less maintenance than other forms of energy. With little maintenance costs, you can save even more with solar power. The moving parts in solar panels are nonexistent, whereas those in wind turbines require lubrication and maintenance to function. Light maintenance can help to clean the dirt, leaves, and other debris and ensure they aren’t blocking the sun. Annual inspections from energy professionals are common as well. The average industry lifespan is increasing yearly, making them a quality investment.


Solar is cost-effective and allows you to own your power, which is truly remarkable. Since energy costs are rising, it seems even more feasible to disengage from the public power company. Solar allows your home to produce its own power. Becoming independent from your power company will lower fossil fuel and foreign oil reliance, making energy much cleaner and sustainable. Energy costs are increasing due to the high demand with blazing summers and freezing winters; the summer of 2021 and 2022 had energy costs surging. With solar, fuel consumption can be reduced, power density can be increased, and carbon emissions can be nonexistent.

“Natural gas and electricity prices are important contributors as well. This can be clearly seen in the Global Energy Institute’s 2021 electricity price map, which registered a record 5.6% increase in electricity prices last year alone — a number that has only gone up in 2022. ”

Matt Letourneau, Director of Media at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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