Green Thumb in Gretna: Everlight Solar Tree Planting

May 09, 2024

Everlight Solar proudly announces its continued partnership with the Gretna Arbor Society to promote sustainability and environmental conservation. On May 4th, Everlight Solar participated in a tree-planting event at Lincoln Place Park in Gretna, Nebraska. This marks the second consecutive year that Everlight Solar has collaborated with the Gretna Arbor Society, demonstrating a commitment to fostering a greener future for the community.

The tree-planting event at Lincoln Place Park represents a tangible step towards creating a more sustainable and cleaner environment. Trees are crucial in reducing climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, providing wildlife habitat. Through initiatives like this, Everlight Solar aims not only to offset carbon emissions but also to actively contribute to the restoration and preservation of local ecosystems.

Looking ahead, Everlight Solar remains dedicated to promoting renewable energy and environmental stewardship. Through ongoing backing of initiatives such as the tree-planting event with the Gretna Arbor Society, Everlight Solar remains steadfast in its dedication to advocating for a more sustainable future. Together with partners and communities, we strive to positively impact the planet, one tree at a time.