COVID-19 Update

In these unprecedented times, Everlight Solar has remained committed to our customers and the communities that we serve. As more and more of the economy slowly opens up, Everlight Solar has developed new protocols for their teams, to allow more of our team members to safely return to work, while minimizing the spread of Covid-19. Our day to day work is based upon highly predictable smaller sized settings, where contact is not necessary, and no large gatherings occur. In addition to this basis, here is a breakdown of our recently implemented protocols.

  • All installations can be performed without contact with the home or business owner.
  • Our sales team has been instructed to wear a mask at all times and must remain 6-feet away with any homeowner that they speak to.
  • All documents and information that must be obtained from the homeowner can be transferred electronically to the sales team member. This allows all interactions between homeowners and sales team members to be contact-free.
  • All sales team members are instructed to hand wash and sanitize often and avoid contact with homeowners that appear to be exhibiting symptoms or signs of illness.
  • Everlight has developed a virtual consultation option so that our energy consultants can review each home’s potential system, and answer any questions a potential customer may have in real-time.

In addition, all team members have been instructed to stay home if they are exhibiting any symptoms or signs of illness. They are required to check their temperature at the beginning of each workday and are not permitted to go into the field if they are experiencing an elevated body temperature.

Everlight is proud to say that through this difficult time, we were able to keep all of our team members employed. In addition to a high percentage of remote positions that were already in place, our face-to-face team was temporarily relocated to remote positions for the duration of the stay-at-home order.

Everlight Solar is committed to excellence in their field, as well as serving their communities. While we all adjust to the “new normal” that must be implemented to reduce the spread of the virus, we also are adamant about letting our employees return to work without sacrificing their safety or the security of any members of the community they may serve. We believe that by operating within these new guidelines, we will be able to send our team members back to work safely and that we can avoid contributing to the spread of the virus.