Heartfelt Thanksgiving Support for Food Bank for the Heartland

November 21, 2023

This Thanksgiving season, Everlight Solar hosted a food drive for Food Bank for the Heartland. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Food Bank for the Heartland has one goal: “Every service we provide, program we offer, and decision we make is rooted in our core Mission, Vision, and Values to eliminate hunger in the Heartland by ensuring consistent access to healthy foods through community partnerships.”

In addition, we were able to donate and collect thousands of dollars worth of goods to Food Bank for the Heartland. We would like to extend our gratitude to the Sarpy Chamber for their donations and for serving the community. This donation will be a tremendous help to families in need in the Omaha community, a community we are proud to serve!

Every act of kindness makes a difference, and now, it’s your chance to be a hero in the fight against hunger. This organization is on a mission to ensure no one in our community goes to bed hungry. We extend our deepest gratitude to those who have donated to The Food Bank for the Heartland. Your generosity is a beacon of hope for families and individuals facing the harsh reality of hunger in our community. With your support, we can continue to provide nutritious meals and essential resources to those who need them most. Your kindness is a powerful force for positive change, and we are truly grateful for your commitment to making a difference.

Furthermore, to learn more about The Food Bank for the Heartland’s mission and what it stands for, visit their website here! Be sure to check out our other blogs to learn more about sustainability and the impact we strive to make in our local communities!