Your Power Bill After Going Solar

September 22, 2022

Solar panels allow you to own your power, so you no longer need to rely solely on your utility company. Many find that with solar, their power bill is significantly decreased or even eliminated. Since electricity prices are always rising, your savings will continue to grow year after year with your fixed solar rate! Let’s take a look at your power bill after going solar!

What affects your power bill after going solar?

Your energy consumption will affect your power bill, which varies home by home. Making a note of your energy use is a great place to start! But don’t worry; a great solar company will review your energy report to find the best option for you! Choosing the right solar company isn’t as hard as you may think. Following these guidelines makes it easy!

The size of your solar panel system will also affect your power bill. Each system is unique because energy needs vary home by home. A great solar company will match your panels to fit your energy needs so you get the most out of your solar system.

Net metering is a program that will also affect a customers power bill after going solar. Thanks to net metering, you’re able to store excess energy generated by your solar panels and send it back to your utility company. Your utlity then credits you for the energy you don’t use! To find out more about your local net metering program, talk to an expert today!

Contact us for the most up-to-date and accurate information about net metering in your area, as policies are constantly changing and can vary state by state. 

Is solar right for you?

Solar power is an excellent option for you to save money while owning your power. Learn more about the full benefits of solar and why now is the time to make the switch to solar!

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