What are the Solar Incentives for Wisconsin in 2022?

The federal residential solar energy credit is a tax credit for a percentage of the cost of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system that can be claimed on federal income taxes. (Other sources of renewable energy qualify for equivalent credits, but they are outside the scope of this guidance.)

The system must be installed and generate electricity for a dwelling in the United States within the tax year. The IRS does not have a clear definition of what constitutes “put in service,” but it has linked it to “finished installation.”

Why are tax incentives important?

Switching to solar in Wisconsin allows you to generate your own clean energy, giving you more control over your electricity expenses while also lowering your carbon footprint. Wisconsin also has a number of solar incentives that could help you save money on your solar installation. As the largest solar company in the midwest, Everlight Solar strives to provide you with energy independence and security while maximizing your solar benefits.

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Am I eligible to claim the federal solar tax credit in Wisconsin?


Purchased household solar systems installed by December 31, 2022, are eligible for a 26 percent federal tax credit.


What’s next?


“Wisconsin has some of the best solar tax credits and rebates in the country. There has never been a better moment for homeowners in the state to go solar, as there are some amazing incentives and programs in place to encourage them to go green, add value to their houses, and save money on their utilities.


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