Will Solar Work on my Home?

January 04, 2019

When deciding whether you should go solar, the first question you may find yourself asking is “will solar work on my home?” We want to answer the most commonly asked questions many of our customers have about making the switch to solar. 

What type of homes are typically suited for solar panels?

Single-family homes that have a tilted roof with south-facing exposure work best for solar panels. Other desirable features include a large enough roof to house the panels, and an area free from excessive shade. This ensures that your solar panels have ample opportunity to receive sunlight throughout the day. If your home does not have full southern exposure, east- or west-facing installations are still an option. The only change is that your solar installer will have to calculate the output of electricity accordingly. 

Luckily, at Everlight Solar we use high-efficiency panels that operate in various configurations. While the preference will always be to install the panels in the area with the most southern exposure, other options are available that will provide more than enough solar energy for your needs.

What if my roof is partly shaded?

Before 2011, a partly shaded roof would mean your entire solar system produced less electricity. At the time, the use of string inverter technology in solar systems meant that all of your panels’ production was connected to a single string. So, if one panel stopped producing power, the entire system went offline. 

However, in 2011 solar companies switched to microinverters. Now each panel can produce energy individually. This means that one panel’s lack of production does not affect the energy output of the entire system. So, even if part of your roof is shaded, the other part still exposed to the sun can continue to produce energy!

How much space do I need on my roof?

The amount of roof space needed for your solar system will depend on how much electricity your home requires. The less electricity you need, the fewer solar panels you will need to have installed on your roof. A custom consultation with a solar installer will help you figure out the right amount of roof space. Solar experts are familiar with the energy outputs of solar systems. They can help you determine how much energy your solar panels will need to supply in order to sustain your daily activities. 

See if going solar is right for you 

Everlight Solar enables households to own their power instead of renting it from power companies. We believe that going solar should be headache and hassle-free. That’s why we supply the solar panels and take care of all the installation—for no upfront cost.

Talk to a solar expert today! 

Will Solar Work on my Home