Solar Saves You Money on Electricity Costs

May 27, 2020

Reduce or eliminate your electric bill with solar!

One of the most popular reasons to make the switch is that solar saves you money on electricity. Everyone wants to lower or even erase the cost of their electric bill. Suppose your monthly average for electricity is $100. This comes out to an annual average of $1200. Over 20 years, at $100 a month, your electricity expense will grow to $24,000. All of which is paid to your utility company. Factoring in electricity rates rising over that time takes your 20-year energy costs even higher. Making the switch to solar takes you out of this cycle.

When you switch to solar, you can eliminate your electric bill or lower it so much that electricity costs are no longer a significant factor in determining your budget. Your overall savings depend on many factors. One to note is how much energy you produce versus how much you will consume. Since electricity prices are constantly rising, your savings will continue to grow year after year with your fixed solar rate!


Lowering your electricity costs makes perfect sense; you can do that with solar. Everlight Solar enables households to own their power instead of renting it from the power company. Going solar should be headache and hassle-free. With solar energy, you consistently save money on your energy bills, especially as costs for traditional energy continue to rise. Start taking advantage of all the savings that solar energy can offer you by making the switch to solar. 

Contact us today for a free consultation where you can discuss your energy needs. Start saving money and the planet with Everlight Solar’s high-quality panels and premier service. Talk to one of our solar experts to see if going solar is right for you.