Solar Panel Efficiency: Understanding Your System

August 03, 2022

How efficient are solar panels, really? Solar panel efficiency refers to the amount of sunlight that hits the panels and then converts to electricity. There are many factors that affect panel efficiency, and we’ll go over them! Understanding what affects panel efficiency is important so you can get the most out of your solar system.

Factors that Affect Solar Panel Efficiency

There are many different factors that affect how efficient your panels will perform. To get the most out of your system, it’s important to understand the number of panels on your roof, and the placement of those panels. Here at Everlight, we only install systems that make sense for our customers and consider these factors when designing.

  • Placement of panels: The placement of your solar panels will influence how well they are producing electricity. In the best-case scenario, panels should be facing south, but east-west systems are always an option depending on the setup of your home.
  • Number of panels: The number of panels your home needs will be based on your average monthly energy consumption, the size of your home, and what direction your home faces. Considering these factors, your solar provider should be able to create the best design for your home, creating the most efficient system.

Other factors that affect solar panel efficiency are ones that are beyond human control. These include snow, cloudy days, and the temperature.

  • Panels are installed at just the right angle, allowing for snow to fall off quickly. Because of this, snow will only temporarily affect your panel efficiency.
  • Cloudy days also can impact how much sunlight is converted into electricity. Obviously, your system will produce better on a sunny day than on a cloudy day, but as long as it’s daytime, your system is producing energy.
  • A common misconception about solar is that you have to live in a warm environment for it to work, but the sun powers the panels, not the heat. The hotter it is actually, the less efficient your solar panels are working. Just like any technology, when it heats up, it performs slower. The same goes for solar panels, the high temperatures actually affect how much energy they are producing.

Progressing Technology

Though you may have concerns about the factors that affect solar panel efficiency, they really are nothing to worry about. With progressing technology, panels are becoming more and more efficient. In the past few years, solar panels have reached over a 20% efficiency rate.

Higher efficiency panels might cost a little bit more, but in the long run they can be worth it depending on the size of your home, the direction it faces, and your energy usage.

“The system looks great! It consistently performs as Everlight said it would or better.”

Jesse K., Everlight Solar Customer

Here at Everlight Solar, we use the most advanced technology. Our solar panels are meant to combat factors that affect negative efficiency. Interested in finding out if solar may be right for you? Schedule a free consultation today!