Renew Wisconsin’s Road Map for a Net Zero Future

February 24, 2023

Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source that revolutionizes how we consume and use power. Solar energy allows homeowners to take ownership of their power and commit themselves to a cleaner and greener tomorrow. With zero net emissions, solar energy is a sustainable and healthy alternative to fossil fuels. Renew Wisconsin has released a plan for the entire state to achieve a zero net future. A zero net future means that within the state of Wisconsin, there will be no carbon emissions that need to be removed from the atmosphere. Indeed, this means all public transportation, electricity, and state-wide buildings will operate on 100% clean energy. We’ll discuss this plan’s ins and outs and how we can all contribute.

What is Renew Wisconsin?

Renew Wisconsin is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting clean energy sources within the state. Founded in 1991, Renew Wisconsin has researched and disseminated information and resources for alternative energy solutions. Throughout Wisconsin, the organization has championed Wisconsin-based solar energy companies that stimulate the economy and provide clean energy to Wisconsin locals. With such benefits as lower utility costs, lower emissions, and a growing economy, the reasons to go solar are clear. Renew Wisconsin recognizes the power and potential of solar energy. As a result, they have outlined a plan to go zero emissions by 2050. 

A Net Zero Future

While 2050 might seem far away, achieving zero emissions by this year requires widespread dedication and commitment. However, with the current growth rate of the solar industry, Renew Wisconsin’s timeline is achievable. Despite the aggressive action needed to accomplish this goal, the advantages of a zero-emission world are clear. With cleaner air, we can anticipate a severe decrease in healthcare costs. By avoiding health issues caused by air pollution, the United States government and citizens will avoid over $2 billion in healthcare spending. 

The Wisconsin economy can also expect an economic upturn. By seeking out domestic energy sources, the Gross State Product for Wisconsin is expected to grow by approximately 3%. While this number may seem low, it will add roughly $16 billion to the state economy. Additionally, the change will provide 68,000 additional jobs! The advantages of a net zero future are clear. We will benefit from cleaner air and a healthier environment. Furthermore, economic development offers job opportunities and increases government funding for necessary programs.

How Do We Get There?

Renew Wisconsin’s plan to achieve a net zero future requires significant investments in clean energy solutions and electrical infrastructure. For example, Renew Wisconsin anticipates a high need for investment in the electric vehicle sector. As public transportation is one of the leading causes of carbon emissions, a decided shift towards electric buses and trains is necessary for a net zero future. By moving the public transportation system to a completely electric format, Wisconsin can reduce carbon emissions drastically.

Solar energy is also essential in limiting carbon emissions throughout the state. Aside from a commercial push towards alternative energy, Renew Wisconsin acknowledges the vital role of the residential sector in carbon emissions. In fact, Renew Wisconsin outlines the necessity of homeowners changing to solar. With lower utility bills, cleaner energy, and more reliable power sources, the momentum to go solar has already begun. However, if we are to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, an increased move towards solar energy from homeowners is a crucial step in accomplishing this goal.

Go Solar Today!

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