How Do Solar Panels Save You Money?

February 28, 2022

One of the benefits of solar is the ability to save money by letting your panels produce electricity, which ultimately lowers your electric bill. The amount of money you will save is determined by various factors, like daily sunlight hours, your roof size and shape, and the average amount of electricity consumption in your home! Every system will look different, so we recommend speaking with a representative to see if going solar is right for you!


In order to know how much money solar panels can save you on your power bills, start by figuring out how much you spend on electricity each year. The typical yearly electricity usage in a US family, for example, is 11,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh). If you multiply that by the national average electricity rate ($0.1301), you get a total of $0.1301. Long story short, the average American home can easily be sustained by a solar system.1

Before and after going solar | Graph comparison from SMA

How going solar helps you save

Going solar yields many positives, from understanding and utilizing the current tax incentives to numerous environmental benefits. Here are a few reasons why solar panels shape up to be a good investment:

  • Going solar reduces CO2 emissions
  • You get to own your power, rather than relying on the power company
  • With the right combination of products, you have the ability to be completely off-grid
  • The cost of installing solar panels has decreased as technology has advanced, making today’s technology for solar the most efficient and financially sound
  • Have solar power gives you the opportunity to reduce your monthly electricity bill, meaning long-term financial benefits
  • Solar panels are long-lasting and low-maintenance
  • Going solar is an extremely attractive feature in the market if you decide to sell your home

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