Financing Solar: What are my Options?

March 01, 2022

Everlight Solar offers different financing options for home solar systems. As a customer, you can either take a loan out for your system or purchase it. Once the loan is paid off or you decide to purchase it upfront, you own the panels. Both options are great, but it’s important to find the best option for you!

Solar Loan

Everlight Solar offers a loan program that allows you to finance your solar purchase with affordable monthly payments. There is no upfront cost for the loan, which creates an outstanding opportunity for those interested in solar energy without having to pay a huge upfront fee! A lender lends you the money you need to pay for your home’s installation, and you pay it off over time. If you feel like you can’t afford an entire system at once but still want to reap the benefits that solar provides to homeowners like tax credits and other incentives, a loan might be for you.

Solar Purchase

Another option is deciding to purchase your system upfront. This means that you instantly own the panels, rather than making monthly payments towards them. Having a solar system increases the value of your home, and is seen as an attractive feature for potential home buyers. You can save on energy credits, and other incentive benefits as well. Check out all the benefits of owning your power here!

All things considered

Knowing all the benefits that solar provides, going solar could be a great decision for you! Options are available for all, no matter your financial situation. For more information, go to and schedule your free consultation today!