Everlight Solar Lends a Helping Hand in Nebraska Tornado Relief

May 22, 2024

In the wake of the recent natural disaster in the Omaha area, Everlight Solar is committed to supporting the relief efforts for the affected communities.

Our Customer Success team swiftly acted after the disaster, checking in with customers and trying to assist in any way we could. We prioritized contacting those affected to ensure they received the necessary help.

Savannah E, the Customer Success Team Lead at Everlight Solar, shared,

“Following the devastating tornado in Nebraska, our team quickly reached out to customers in the affected areas to offer our assistance.”

With heartfelt concern, the team checked on their safety and immediate needs, such as shelter, cleanup support, and essential supplies like food and water. Thankfully, those contacted were safe, though understandably shaken by the tornado.

Trees were uprooted, houses were damaged, and power lines were down. Many residents jumped in to help their neighbors. Luckily, Everlight Solar’s Matthew Myers could grab his tools and truck and lend a hand wherever possible.

Matthew Myers, our Omaha Panel Install Lead, recounted his experience,

“I helped pull several cars out of ditches where people had sought safety from the tornado but were then stuck in the mud. I also assisted in clearing trees and debris to help people reach safety and provided transportation to those needing shelter for the night.”

Although there is much more to do, much like the terrific Omaha community that has bound together in the aftermath of the tornado. We are thankful to be a part of such a great cause and help those who need it most.

On May 16th and 17th, our dedicated Everlight Solar team was actively involved in tornado relief efforts in Elkhorn and Fort Calhoun, working hard to support those impacted by the disaster. In collaboration with Omaha Rapid Response, we provided essential aid to affected families and communities. Our commitment to helping will continue as we partner with Omaha Rapid Response to offer ongoing support and relief in the weeks ahead.

In times of adversity, a community’s strength shines through when its members come together. The connections between neighbors, businesses, and community organizations become crucial lifelines. As we face the aftermath of the recent tornado in Nebraska, we must remember the power of unity and mutual support. By supporting one another, sharing resources, and helping, we rebuild our physical surroundings and foster the resilience that defines our community.