Best Solar Companies Near Me

August 29, 2022

Solar power is the most abundant natural resource on earth – meaning it won’t ever deplete! Solar works by transforming the sun’s energy into power for your home. With rising electricity costs, solar is an excellent option for saving money while owning your power. Now, you may wonder, “How do I find the best solar companies near me?” With these five steps, you are sure to find the best solar installers in your area!

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Solar Companies Near You 

With the growing number of solar installers available, choosing the right one can often be daunting. Whether you are ready to make the switch or are at the beginning of your solar research, we make it easy with these five variables to look out for.

Standards For Solar Companies 

First and foremost, you must choose a licensed solar installer with proper insurance. These documents are the minimum requirements to ensure your system is installed safely and correctly. 

Second, the solar installer should have experience in the industry with a well-developed portfolio of past projects they have completed.

Distinguishing good from great

Third, customer reviews can help point you in the right direction for choosing a solar company. Check online for testimonials on the work they perform. Look to the company’s website and third-party sites to ensure you’re getting the whole picture.

Fourth, is it affordable? Make sure you know each company’s financing options to ensure you are investing wisely. Various options are available, including solar loans, leasing, and solar purchase agreements. Some states offer solar tax credits and incentives as well. These are topics that your solar provider can and should cover with you.

The good news is that going solar has never been more affordable. Here are some ways Everlight Solar customers finance their solar systems: Solar Loan – Everlight Solar.

Fifth, knowing you’re covered down the road with your new solar panels is essential. Warranties will vary depending on the company, but generally, they cover anywhere from 10-25 years on solar panels, workmanship, and inverters.

Solar in Wisconsin

Making the switch to solar power in Wisconsin is easy! As Wisconsin’s largest home solar company, we are proud to bring clean energy to the badger state. One of the main reasons people are making the switch to solar power in Wisconsin is the savings! State-specific tax incentives for green energy and local net metering programs make now the perfect time to switch to solar in Wisconsin. Learn more about these savings!

When we met The Everlight team, we were immediately impressed. From the moment we met them at a home improvement event to the installation- the entire team is phenomenal, knowledgeable, professional, helpful, and incredibly friendly. They all communicate with one another so you don’t feel jostled around, their presentation for your property is outstanding, and they are quick!

Marjanae Z. Verona, Wisconsin

Solar in Minnesota

We are proud to bring clean energy to the land of 10,000 lakes! State-specific tax incentives for green energy and local net metering programs allow you to get the most out of your solar energy system in Minnesota. Learn more about these savings!

We just had our solar panels installed from Everlight and it has been one of the best purchasing experiences ever. The only thing we had to do was sign the agreement and Everlight literally took care of the rest. Customer service was amazing and the communication was stellar. If you are looking to purchase solar panels, you might find something cheaper, but you won’t have a better experience. Amazing!

– David S. Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Solar In Nebraska

We are proud to bring solar to the cornhusker state! Now is the time to go solar in Nebraska, as the state offers some of the best tax incentives in the country. Find out everything you need to know about solar in Nebraska, including the state-specific savings!

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Installation went off SUPER fast, was really impressed. Everyone was professional, and they cleaned up really well after installation. Super excited to be producing our own power with solar.

Hayden L. La Vista, Nebraska

Let’s See if Solar is Right for you

In looking for these essentials, you are sure to find the best solar installers in your area, ensuring you get the most from your solar system. Once you are comfortable with the installation company, inform them you want to work with them and get the ball rolling on your solar installation. Still have questions about solar? Contact us!