Are Solar Panels Worth it?

November 19, 2021

With solar being an affordable, environmentally friendly option, making the switch is the right choice. The question is, however, are solar panels worth it. When you make the switch to solar, you also shift your payments from utilities to your panels. Rather than renting your power, you are investing in your home’s value and your planet’s health. Your overall savings depend on several factors. However, the main factor is how much energy you produce versus how much energy you consume. 

For example, in a 30-panel solar system with panels rated at 290W, you will see 15,800 kWh of electricity produced in a full calendar year. Considering the moderate electricity use per year in the U.S. is around 10,600 kWh, that’s more than enough to power your home with solar!

Not to mention that you can get money back from your solar system through net metering. Depending on your location, this process allows you to sell your excess energy to your utility company. Any additional power your system provides that you do not need flows into the electrical grid. Now, not only are you providing for your neighbors, but you gain additional income from your solar panels. 

Since electricity prices are constantly rising, your savings will continue to grow year after year with your fixed rate with solar. While the prices for traditional electricity go up, the cost of solar always stays the same. As a result, your savings will exponentially increase over time. There is an abundance of opportunities to save with a solar energy system.

Now the question of are solar panels worth it is covered! Understanding the full benefits of solar and finding the best company ensures a great experience when making the switch to solar.