3 Ways to Show Our Gratitude This Earth Month

April 12, 2023

As we celebrate Earth month this April, we must remember to give back to our planet. Earth Month is a time to raise environmental awareness and reflect on our relationship with Earth. It is also a time to think critically about our daily habits and how we might improve them to leave our world better than we found. Earth Month is a vital part of our sustainability efforts, as it designates a specific time of year when we are all focused on sustaining our planet. When celebrating earth month this year, think about these three ways to become more conscious and conscientious as someone living on Earth. Whether you stick to these changes just for the month of April or if these habits last longer, practicing eco-friendly lifestyle changes helps everyone in the long run.

1. Snacking and Sipping on the Go

While it might be tempting to use single-use plastics for snacks and drinks while traveling, these materials are incredibly harmful. By switching to reusable containers such as glass Tupperware or metal water bottles, you can reduce your contribution to dangerous waste. Plastics are some of the most destructive materials to our environment. They take the longest to break down in landfills and often leave behind toxic chemicals. Making the change to reusable containers helps cut down on this unnecessary waste.

2. Composting scraps

Compositing leftovers or scraps is a great way to help preserve our planet and avoid wasting food. Whether it’s vegetables that have gone bad, coffee grinds from your coffee pot, or odds and ends that your family doesn’t eat, all material can be composted. Now, instead of ending up in landfills and releasing harmful gases, your kitchen scraps can compost into a rich fertilizer for plant life. Even if you don’t use it in your garden, it could be a great resource to gift to your neighbors!

3. Going Solar

Sourcing alternative energy is another critical way to save our planet. This Earth Month, consider switching to solar energy! Solar panels allow you to own your power rather than renting it from your power company. You can cut back on, or even eliminate, your utility bills. But most importantly, you can contribute to clean and renewable energy that does not harm our environment.

Solar energy is a sustainable and healthy alternative to traditional fossil fuels, and it works just as well (if not better!). With high-quality solar panels, you can take advantage of the sun’s power and give back to your planet.

Ready to make a change and help out this Earth Month? Contact Everlight Solar for a free consultation on your solar energy system.